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Article by He Lifeng people's daily: accelerating the construction of modern industrial system

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Chen shangfu leads men's group a with 71 strokes in the Hainan open junior tournament

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African soccer player in Guangzhou street: never forget China in future career

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Wang heard in so that it would be for Thai girl said: "I would first try advanced services."[Santa Clarita]

Despite China's opposition to us insistence on passing " us - Taiwan military exchange" bill

Baoding Township Ninety percent of agricultural income tax, business tax is almost negligible, and this town has always been the strategy adopted is to first ensure Tiliutongchou, only to Tiliutongchou dries up close to make only after the assault taxes, sometimes Norway taxes go even brought filling, often is filled to capacity when Tiliutongchou income after completion, people have been unable to pay tax, agricultural tax was owed down, and some have been continuous arrears for several years. Why do they do it? Because Tiliutongchou away into the Farmers' accounts by the station, leaving Township occupied, secretary of a pen would draw on where to draw where to go, more than money from his wife's purse convenient! The taxes you must enter the county treasury treasury, into the county budget dishes, unified deployment by the county to use! They are so reckless, all taken against them by the county government's policy to accommodate cultivated. It taxation missing, county finance still give it the provision of funds allocated wages, if Liu Jianmin Kuang military casually invents what grounds is important to find the county leaders crying poor-mouth, it will get the money for the number of additional funding. Why? It is set within the jurisdiction of the city's red flag - when the village. County, no matter how tough, can not suffer the provincial superior star off model village government![Richmond]

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